Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I should be one of them

Hello everyone. Actually this blog is not really on the political issue.However as a student or should i say a youth of Malaysian i am called to speak out my personal opinion bout the issue lately.Honestly im still not one of the electorate since im not registered yet however from my observation there are too much conflict among our politic environment or should i call among our servants who are the politicians.First of all i don't see that our media potray the real situation of our politic environment.I do see that there area one side in term of reporting and that's so annoying.This is when i start to turn to internet.I do believe that our current government realize about that.Thats is why im fully supporting the government efforts to broaden the application of internet among Malaysian.This might be the turn out of the current government but hey this is the citizen right to seek the information n start thinking wisely and choose the right not in any side but YOU think n decide.I do believe that this could make our RAKYAT more wise and broad minded.As for me now there are too much Drama..Sodomy,Sex Video,Bersih,SPR,BPR cases,Not included Petrol issue,electric tarrif,mislead issue and a lot of things.YES im going to register and going to vote for next election..Seriously im still on the fence n this is solely my personal opinion @kalkulator84...

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