Tuesday, August 9, 2011

RAMADHAN al-mubarak

Ramadhan ada yg tunggu2 ada gak yg mengeluh..bagi aku Ramadhan mmg bulan yg istimewa.Ingat gi klau nk tgok kayu ukur Ramdhan tu bekesan ke tak just tgk apa jadi pas Ramdhan adakah kite jadi insan lebih baik dari sebelumnya...One more thing bulan2 pose ni bnyk gak citer2 yg mendidik jiwa..Antara yg aku suka..

1.Singgah sahur
2.Ulangan Akademi Al-Quran
3.Tanyalah Ustaz
4.Dari masjid ke masjid
5.Ini Kisahku

byk gi actually cite2 menarik untuk ditonton jadi iktibar.

Jom sama2 doa...YA ALLAH jadikan la Ramdhan ini yg terbaik untuk ku supaya aku jadi insan yg lebih baik dan x termasuk golongan org yg rugi..Amin..

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I went to my 2 pupu wedding ....great...held in kompleks sukan datuk kramat just near lrt jelatak with adequate car parking.BEST!! met lot of unknown relatives..JUST great..Forget to snap some picturesss.YES...aku gak nak KAHWIN..lot of them didnt notice me.i guess with skinhead cut and my face with far less pimples make me look different but the best thing is i gather with my siblings n my lovely mother..MY great SUNDAY..wish d same for u all

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Aku ada teka teki...

1.Ikan apa Paling bijak

2.Telo ayam apa yg bukan ayam punye

3.Banyak2 cinta cinta apa yg x pandang rupa

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Damn its 3:41am n i still awake..so i watched CNN( dunno y) n its about harry potter and the deathly hallow ..the final episode of harry potter franchise..n during the interview between Larry King and Daniel Radcliffe the harry potter itself,, Larry King asked him how he balance his life by being famous since age of 11 but yet clean with less problem compare to others who start to boom n famous at their young age such as lindsay lohan,britney spears,macaulay chalkin they are all American ,,seems like american youngster more problematic than UK,,anyway he answered when i out from the car n greet by loud bunch of crowded n shouting i always remind myself ITS NOT ABOUT ME..its about whoever who lucky enough to get the character and the strength oh Harry potter franchise itself..n hell yeah if he could think like that then y sometime people think they are smart,rich,handsome,beautiful n so arrogant but again its not really ours but its because on the willing of our creator...Anyway although im x really a big fan of Harry Potter but i will c it ..d final chapter...lagipun ni satu2nya filem HP dalam 3D...


Tetibe je aku nk tulis pasal melodi.lama dah tk tgok..tp aku tgok diorg slalu je refer 3rd party...Contoh...ada org kata rebecca ni.....Ada pihak yg mengatakan kumpuan pojek pistol nie....ada sesetgh pihak mengatakn wan sharmilla niee seksi.....Sapala pihak ketiga tue,,yg aku kompem bukan majoriti penonton MELODI..yg majoriti tk thu pun artis ni dikater cenggitu cenggini..ikut logik ADA KE AKU KISAH,,bukan aku pun 3rd party yg sibuk nk thu tuee..tapi i guess..banyak org suke gossip n it is FUN!!!!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Before N NOW

Previously when i was an employee to a company which deals with Oilfield i did encounter several persons who really love their family and they told me they really work hard for their family however d seductiveness of a WOMAN and also wit d support of the MONEY they told me its really attempting...However there is one time where i work wit a client n he told me one thing that some time make me thinking about my Muslim friends and also ESPECIALLY for myself...about sometime how promiscuous anyone could be..having sexual encounters with another girls instead of their wife or having a sexual rship be4 married..i know it is x ez to not having sex be4 married but im sure there are still lot of them especially in Malaysia.I do really salute that.This guy who is not muslim told me a story that i could conclude in this quote where i got it from facebook.com/productivemuslim..
The most beautiful words said by a husband to his wife..
♥ ♥ "The next girl I will ever love on this earth will be our daughter..

Learn to appreciate what you have, before time makes you appreciate what you had.

If u really appreciate luv and admit u work hard because of luv to your family do u have a guts to be on bed ,having sex,give kisses to other GIRLS INSTEAD of ur wife,to hug another girl INSTEAD OF your daughter?I will try my best insyallah NOBODY PERFECT but let us work towards that..if one day i did the same mistake please do approach me and advice me..Sekian tazkirah jumaat for MYSELF and all who want to accept n DO....@kalkulator84

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I should be one of them

Hello everyone. Actually this blog is not really on the political issue.However as a student or should i say a youth of Malaysian i am called to speak out my personal opinion bout the issue lately.Honestly im still not one of the electorate since im not registered yet however from my observation there are too much conflict among our politic environment or should i call among our servants who are the politicians.First of all i don't see that our media potray the real situation of our politic environment.I do see that there area one side in term of reporting and that's so annoying.This is when i start to turn to internet.I do believe that our current government realize about that.Thats is why im fully supporting the government efforts to broaden the application of internet among Malaysian.This might be the turn out of the current government but hey this is the citizen right to seek the information n start thinking wisely and choose the right one.im not in any side but YOU think n decide.I do believe that this could make our RAKYAT more wise and broad minded.As for me now there are too much Drama..Sodomy,Sex Video,Bersih,SPR,BPR cases,Not included Petrol issue,electric tarrif,mislead issue and a lot of things.YES im going to register and going to vote for next election..Seriously im still on the fence n this is solely my personal opinion @kalkulator84...