Sunday, July 10, 2011


Damn its 3:41am n i still i watched CNN( dunno y) n its about harry potter and the deathly hallow ..the final episode of harry potter franchise..n during the interview between Larry King and Daniel Radcliffe the harry potter itself,, Larry King asked him how he balance his life by being famous since age of 11 but yet clean with less problem compare to others who start to boom n famous at their young age such as lindsay lohan,britney spears,macaulay chalkin they are all American ,,seems like american youngster more problematic than UK,,anyway he answered when i out from the car n greet by loud bunch of crowded n shouting i always remind myself ITS NOT ABOUT ME..its about whoever who lucky enough to get the character and the strength oh Harry potter franchise itself..n hell yeah if he could think like that then y sometime people think they are smart,rich,handsome,beautiful n so arrogant but again its not really ours but its because on the willing of our creator...Anyway although im x really a big fan of Harry Potter but i will c it ..d final chapter...lagipun ni satu2nya filem HP dalam 3D...

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